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Union Raiders Cheerleading

The Union Raider Youth Football and Cheer Organization prides itself on the development of commitment and sportsmanship.  Our program seeks to create an environment in which all of our athletes develop a sense of seld esteem and dignity in a setting htat is both moral and caring.  Our young athlese are given a vision for themselves and their future with Ryle Athletics.  We will help to familiarize them with cheer terminology that will allow our athletes to succeed to the next level.  The discipline that our athelets will experience will help them develop into positive role models and leaders which will better preoare them for the discipline of high school athletics.  


2021 Cheer Director:

Ashley Sauerland


Squad Breakdown:

Minis - Kindergarten

Starters - 1st & 2nd Grades

Pidgets/Midgets - 3rd & 4th Grades

Juniors - 5th & 6th Grades

Seniors - 7th & 8th Grades


Cheerleading is a display of discipline, practice, dedication, determination, skill, and athleticism.  

The following businesses are proud sponsors of the 2021 season.

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Ryle High School