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Why Join The Union Raider Youth Organization.....


The Union Raider program prides itself on the development of commitment, brotherhood and sportsmanship.  Our program seeks to create an environment in which all of our athletes develop a strong sense of self-esteem and dignity in a setting that is both moral and caring.  Our young players are given a vision for themselves as well as their future in this program.  This vision happens when our young athletes play and practice with the sole purpose to be a part of the Raider Nation.  This vision is also present when Ryle coaches and varsity players visit, teach and collaborate with future Ryle players.  This vision keeps kids focused on a purpose which keeps them from leaving or quitting and going on to other things.  Having our players come into our varsity program with years of familiarity with terminology and coaching points will push our varsity program to the next level.  The discipline that these young athletes will experience will help them develop as positive role models and will better prepare them for the discipline of high school football.


Our coaches share this same vision and expectations for our athletes.  Our coaches are professional in their behavior and attitudes, which helps create an environment where young players and parents quickly realize that our program has the best interest of their son or daughter in mind.  Our program routinely evaluates our coaches with the purpose to celebrate their success or take appropriate action on any opportunities.

We hold our athletes to high expectations to develop in their life discipline.  We believe that this atmosphere will foster our athletes to have higher standards for their own academic performance which will lead to playing time consequences if their grades suffer.  Any player who lacks discipline in the classroom will lack discipline on the football field.


Parents of young players can become involved in the entire varsity program.  This creates synergy and excitement for the Ryle football program.  The benefit of our program is quickly recognized by our parents which leads to increased encouragement for their kids to continue down the Raider path.  I have been a part of the Union Raiders for several years.  I started off, like you, as a parent looking for the best decision for my kids.  I found it in the Union Raiders.  I believe so much in what this program is doing that my involvement escalated over the years.  I have yet to find a program that offers as much as our program and personally strive to make it better each year.

Thank you for considering to be a part of the Raider Nation.  

The Future Starts Now!

Union Raider President

Aaron Huff

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